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Privacy Policy

How to use this website

The user has the right to overview information posted on the website without prior authorization.

Information about the products published on the website is provided solely for the purpose of informing Users about the products sold, the online catalog subdivided into drug categories. Information about the Product, including the trade name, its price, completeness and other parameters published on the website, are provided by site administration and may change from time to time. The site administration does not check and does not guarantee the relevance of such information, however, it will make commercially reasonable efforts to update the information about the products on the website.

In case of User registration on the website, he/she gets access to the ordering procedure, as well as to the history of purchases through the Personal Account.

The procedure for cooperation between the customer and site administration after the ordering procedure

The distributor, within the time period established, sends the User information on the details of the order, confirmation or rejection of the order, on the actual availability of the products, the actual cost, the timing of delivery over e-mail. The storage periods are also specified. Each component of the order will be completed by the site adinistration.

Upon receipt of the order, the customer is recommended to check the appearance and packaging, the quantity of the drugs in the parcel, completeness.

User rights and obligations

The user has the right to use the website free of charge to receive personal recommendations, in compliance with the terms and conditions provided in this agreement.

User is not entitled to:

  • reproduce, distribute, process elements of the website for commercial or non-commercial purposes;
  • reproduce the design or user interface elements of the website when creating sites or conducting any commercial activity on the Internet;
  • violate the rules for using the website described in this Agreement;
  • take other actions that may harm the company’s activities and its interests.

User agrees:

  • to comply with the terms of this Agreement or stop using the website;
  • to keep track of changes that the site administration makes to this Agreement;
  • the current version of this Agreement can be found on the website.

Company rights and obligations

The site adminisration monitors the current management of the website, independently determines its structure, appearance, permits or restricts Users’ access to the Service in case such persons violate the provisions of this Agreement.

The Site Administration may publish its own or third-party advertising materials on the website

The Site Administration has the right at any time without notifying the User change the current Privacy Policy.

The company undertakes:

  • subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, to provide the User with the right to use the service;
  • provide the technical and informational support of the User within a reasonable time necessary to gain access to the Service and its subsequent use.

The links posted on the website lead to the websites of third parties. The company is not responsible for the content of such websites. The site administration is also not responsible for the presence/absence and quality of any products offered on the Internet sites, as well as for any kind of losses that the User may suffer by using such offers. The company has the right, but is not obliged to carry out a preliminary or subsequent assessment of the content of the websites’ pages (moderation).

The Site Administration does not provide any guarantees that the Service will not interrupt due to technical malfunctions, preventive maintenance, etc., however, it is making commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the Service operates around the clock. The Company does not provide any guarantees that the Service or any of its elements will function at any particular time in the future or that they will not stop working.

The Company does not provide any guarantees that the website or its elements may be suitable for specific purposes of use. The Company cannot guarantee and does not promise any specific results from the use of the Service or its elements.