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If you go to the dentist only for preventive examinations – you are a happy person! Most people sooner or later face the need for dental treatment, and then their prosthetics. Today there are many types of crowns. We will tell in this article about how they differ from each other and who needs them. What are crowns and why are they needed? A crown is one of the types of restoration that covers the visible part of the tooth…

Zoloft vs. Prozac

The term «antidepressant» speaks for itself. It is a group of drugs to treat depression. However, antidepressants usage domain is much broader than it might seem. Besides depression, they are able to deal with melancholy, anxiety and fears, relieve emotional stress, and normalize sleep and appetite. Some of them are even able to help treat smoking addiction and nocturnal enuresis. And quite often antidepressants are used as painkillers for chronic pain. Currently, there are a significant number of drugs that…

Viagra and Alcohol: Compatibility and Consequences

Violations of sexual function associated with age-related changes or presence of a variety of diseases, is quite frequent phenomenon. In recent years, number of young men complaining on problems with potency is constantly increasing. Reasons for this are numerous – bad ecological situation, improper nutrition with predominance of artificial food, absence of daily regimen, physical and psychological overload, state of constant stress. All this has a very negative effect on male sexual system. Fortunately, in such situations, the famous «blue…

How Long Does Medication Stay In Your System?

Excretion of medicinal substance or its metabolites from the body is carried out by all excretory organs (kidneys, intestines, lungs, dairy, salivary, sweat glands, etc.). The medication effects could be gone even though it is still in your system. Most drugs offered by My Canadian Pharmacy have a half-life of about 24 hours, so they are excreted within 4-5 days. Only several medications have very long half-lives.

Healthy Eating for Men – Foods That Improve Potency

Nutrition and potency are linked to each other, since a healthy diet has an effect on the entire body, and on sexual function in particular. If a man consumes fatty, high-calorie food, his sexual abilities deteriorate. But if the food is balanced, saturated with vitamins and minerals, men’s potency will increase. The male organism needs vitamins such as A, B1, B3, B6, B9, C, E and D, and also minerals: zinc, selenium, magnesium and calcium. They are contained in products…

What Is The Best Natural Remedy For Erectile Dysfunction?

Problems with potency worry almost every man, regardless of age. Not everyone is ready to go to the doctor and take medicine. Often men are willing to try natural remedies to increase potency, especially if the problem is not too severe. Natural recipes to increase potency are often affordable and have no side effects. In mild erectile problems, they are quite effective, because it can only be a manifestation of temporary indisposition. The causes of minor problems with potency can…

How To Increase Male Potency?

Some people believe that a man is feeling a sexual desire as soon as he sees an attractive woman. However, this is not always the case. Only 45% of men have a sexual desire at a high level. Libido of the other men holds on the average level. Approximately 15% of men have no sexual desire at all. In the life of any man, there may come a moment when the question of how to increase potency will become relevant….

Enemies of Erection: Depression and Stress

A severe emotional shock causes a number of psychological and organic prerequisites for reducing potency. Under the influence of constant stress, a man can completely lose his adequate erection. Organic consequences of stress Severe stress can cause the following undesirable changes: disorder of natural biochemical processes, dystrophic changes in internal organs and tissues; suppression of the nervous system, delayed response to irritant factors; a sharp increase in glucocorticoids and a decrease in leukocytes in the blood, a decrease in the…