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My Canadian Pharmacy – Number One Online Generic Distributor

My Canadian Pharmacy is an online pharmacy. This company offers top quality generic medications produced according to all quality standards. Our pharmacy is an international one. All the orders are delivered to the most remote areas exclusively of some distance Asian countries.

The service of this online store is aimed at quality customer service, providing timely and qualified healthcare recommendations. There is a wide online catalog with products for external and internal use, for colds and flu, men’s and women’s health, asthma/allergy, blood pressure, cardia drugs, biologically active additives, and personal hygiene products (skincare products). We also offer inhalers for respiratory diseases.

Our company pays close attention to the certification of sold medications. One of our main tasks is to provide our customers with guaranteed 100% high-quality medications and health-related products. We put quality at the forefront and guarantee that medications sold in the pharmacy are purchased from time-tested distributors or directly from manufacturers.My Canadian Pharmacy - Number One Online Generic Distributor

My Canadian Pharmacy values

Customer focus

The main value of our online company is our customers. All of our customers are very significant for us. The main principle of our service is a responsible and honest attitude to every our client. We strive to ensure that customers always fingure our service out as a company with a high level of corporate culture. Polite communication, competent information on the website become a hallmark of all our staff. Our employees are proud to work at My Canadian Pharmacy and try to do their best to provide outstanding service.


We work only with reliable suppliers and manufacturers, therefore we can guarantee that the goods presented in our pharmacy are genuine and high quality. All the medications are produced by certified pharmaceutical companies. All the quality requirements are met. All the stages of medications’ storage and transportation are also met. Anyway, our customers are delivered top quality products with 100% effectiveness.

Professional staff

We expect all team members to effectively do the tasks based on their knowledge and experience, as well as the ability to expand their knowledge. We value professionalism and the desire for self-improvement. We must always be one step ahead of our competitors. Continuous work to improve their own and professional level is the the main responsibility for each employee from My Canadian Pharmacy.

Innovative ideas

We encourage innovation. We are constantly searching for new solutions to improve our activities. We upgrade our website daily to make the operation as productive as possible. Our website is user-friendly. We distinguish drug categories for making seraching of medications as quickly as possible. If you have some ideas how to make our website super-productive, you are welcome to contact our customer care department.


The company is our second home. We carefully and economically use all its resources. The meaning of our work is in its stability and prosperity. We guarantee every our customer will find everything for their health here.

Prices in pharmacy: cheap generic drugs and excellent service

Many customers choose My Canadian Pharmacy because it is a cheaper pharmacy compared to online competitors. Prices in our pharmacy are much lower than in conventional drugstres. It is low prices and a huge selection of goods that attract more and more new customers every day.

In addition, it is possible to save funds and buy drugs at lower prices. We are glad to provide customers with lower prices as all our medications ar bought at reliable generic manufacturers directly.

Our company always informs its customers about current discounts and promotions. Promotions and discounts help not only take care of the health of the whole family, but also save the family budget.

How does our online pharmacy work?

Before you order drugs through our online pharmacy, you need to go through a simple registration on the website. Next, you need to select those products prescribed by your healthcare professional. To find the right medication, you can use the search box on the website or select the right product through the online catalog. All selected medications must be added to the shopping cart.

However, before this, you need to decide on the address at which it will be most convenient to pick up the goods. The user will see if the product is currently available in the pharmacy and in what quantity, as well as information on how much it costs when pre-booking and when buying directly from the pharmacy.

After adding all the goods to the shpping cart, click the “Buy Now” button. Automatically, the customer wil be redirrected to the checkout. If the customer has difficulties with online ordering procedure, then he will be offered assistance on the customer support srvice. He will get comprehensive answers to all questions of interest quickly.

The availability of drugs

The availability of drugs is automatically displayed on the website. The customer gets the infor about how many packages are available in the pharmacy. If something is currently unavailable, then you can choose another analog of this product. In this case, the goods will be delivered to the pharmacy from the warehouse within the stated period of time. The delivery depends on the chosen delivery service.

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