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How To Increase Male Potency?

How To Increase Male Potency_

Some people believe that a man is feeling a sexual desire as soon as he sees an attractive woman. However, this is not always the case. Only 45% of men have a sexual desire at a high level. Libido of the other men holds on the average level. Approximately 15% of men have no sexual desire at all. In the life of any man, there may come a moment when the question of how to increase potency will become relevant.

Do not confuse libido and potency. Libido is a sexual desire, and potency is the ability of the body to perform a sexual intercourse. And although these phenomena are interconnected, eliminating “problems” in one sphere will not cause automatic improvement of another. For example, improving potency does not necessarily lead to an increase in libido.

Causes of low libido and erectile dysfunction

The reasons of low libido are different. And before understanding how to improve potency, you should find out why it has decreased.

The main causes of poor potency:

  1. Social causes of erectile dysfunction: religious installations; Puritan education; the lack of skills or communication with the opposite sex;
  2. Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction: stress, increased anxiety, fears, depression; Long-term sexual abstinence; Inappropriate atmosphere and atmosphere (for example, perforator sounds behind the wall, photos of parents or children in the bedroom, pets in bed, etc.); Uncertainty and excessive expectations of the partner;
  3. Physiological causes of erectile dysfunction: hormonal disorders (low testosterone levels – androgen deficiency, increased levels of female hormones in men – estrogen or prolactin, thyroid disorders, metabolic failure, diabetes mellitus, obesity, diseases of the liver or kidneys affect male libido); cardiovascular diseases, anemia, trauma and tumor of the brain; use of medicines (antidepressants, etc.); age (androgen deficiency); malnutrition (fatty foods, lack of vitamins and minerals); lack of sleep, fatigue; bad habits (smoking, drugs, alcohol). Limit beer. The passion for this drink increases the production of female hormones in the blood.

Sexual activity and lifestyle

If you notice that you have a weak sexual desire, you need to urgently identify the reason for such a change.

  • The first step is to reduce the level of stressful situations to a minimum;
  • Use practices that restore mental balance (yoga, meditations, hobbies). Positive thinking also increases libido;
  • Do not focus on sexual problems. This will help reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem, which will definitely affect the sexual activity;
  • Follow a high potency diet. Eat more products that contain vitamins A, B, C, E, phosphorus and zinc. Eat avocado, mango, bananas, pineapple, water-melon, beet, tomatoes, garlic, asparagus, cinnamon, saffron, vanyl;
  • Monitor the balance of muscle mass and fat in your body. Obese people are less active in the sexual sphere than those whose weight is normal;
  • Have a full 8-hour sleep in silence and darkness. An exhausted body is not ready to have sex. The sleep should be regular and full. Otherwise, no aphrodisiacs will help you.

Sports and erectile dysfunction

Sports increase male libido. Exercises on strength and endurance stimulate the production of testosterone. However, even a short daily exercise can improve the quality of your intimate life. Gymnastics relax muscles, cause blood flow to the hip area and genital organs, relieves stress, and energize.

Contrast shower tones and hardens the body (30 seconds – hot water and 3-7 seconds – cold water, repeat several times).

Training improves any process in the body. Bring up physical endurance, develop memory, diligence, attention, or willpower. Sensuality and libido can also be trained. How to increase libido in this way? Very simple. Remember, the longer you refrain from having sex, the less you want it, and vice versa. A light flirt joke with colleagues at work, a half-smile to a girl in public transport, a compliment to the boss and a sensual flirtation with your wife – these games increase libido and keep you in tune even if have no sex.

If you feel a weak sex drive because of the constant unfavorable situation at home, “do not fold weapons.” Simple kisses and caresses will help restore libido and positive emotions. The main thing is to do it regularly.

A few more tips for male potency

To strengthen your libido, we recommend that you quit bad habits. And then there is a controversial topic about erectile dysfunction and alcohol. People believe that alcohol “breaks barriers” and relaxes a man. However, it also reduces potency. Do not forget that alcohol also depresses the nervous system, which negatively affects both libido and potency. Regular alcohol consumption kills sexual desire.

Small doses of alcohol taken from time to tome can “discharge the atmosphere” and become closer to a partner. And although a glass of wine increases libido, it also reduces physical sensitivity, both in men and women, which can prevent satisfaction from sexual intercourse.

If your libido has reduced to the critical point, you should consult a doctor and undergo an examination of the internal organs. If necessary, the doctor prescribes you hormone therapy for erectile dysfunction or physiotherapy, drugs for male potency from My Canadian Pharmacy or other libido treatment drugs.

Do not neglect the advice of a therapist or sexologist. Many men are somehow afraid of consulting these specialists, although they are often able to improve libido without using drug treatments.

Another secret of how to prevent erectile dysfunction is a foot massage. There are many nerve endings on the feet including those responsible for sexuality. Massage of certain points can cause a flood of desire. If you do not know the location of the “secret points”, do not be frustrated. Massage the whole foot, and you will not be mistaken.

You can also stimulate libido by walking barefoot on sand. If you do it on a warm sunny day, the effect will be greatly enhanced. The whole trick is that vitamin D, which is produced by the skin under sunlight, also increases libido. Probably, it is the combination of several favorable factors that leads to the fact that men often have love affairs during a vacation.

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