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Healthy Eating for Men – Foods That Improve Potency

Healthy Eating for Men - Foods That Improve Potency

Nutrition and potency are linked to each other, since a healthy diet has an effect on the entire body, and on sexual function in particular. If a man consumes fatty, high-calorie food, his sexual abilities deteriorate. But if the food is balanced, saturated with vitamins and minerals, men’s potency will increase.

The male organism needs vitamins such as A, B1, B3, B6, B9, C, E and D, and also minerals: zinc, selenium, magnesium and calcium. They are contained in products that are available to everyone without exception. You do not need to spend a lot of money on vitamins, there is much more benefits in vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat foods.

Products that increase potency should be included in the diet of every man, regardless of his age. Even those men who do not have problems with sexual function, should eat properly to preserve their sexuality and strength for a long time.

Products that increase potency

Products that enhance potency are called “aphrodisiacs.” They have the following properties:

  • increase sexual desire;
  • activate perception;
  • increase sensitivity;
  • support sexual function;
  • rejuvenate the body.

Products that increase potency are divided into two categories: plant and animal origin.

Products of plant origin:

  1. Nuts. Especially strong are earthy fruits – peanuts. However, all other types of nuts are no less useful for the male body;
  2. Vegetables. Carrots, pumpkin, radish, beets, onions, cabbage improve the condition of the reproductive system;
  3. Fruit. High in value are those that contain vitamin C: all kinds of citrus, black currant, pomegranate, fig;
  4. The greens. Parsley, celery, cilantro, spinach have a very positive effect on the potency;
  5. Spices. Mint, anise, cumin, black pepper;
  6. Vegetable oils: seeds in the pumpkin and sunflower.

Products of animal origin:

  1. Eggs. Chicken and quail. Yolk is the source of many vitamins, which the male body needs;
  2. Meat. It is recommended to eat low-fat pork in small quantities;
  3. The liver. Beef is the best choice, since it contains much more useful substances than pork or chicken;
  4. Meat of birds: turkey and pheasant;
  5. Bovine eggs.

My Canadian Pharmacy also advices eating dairy products that increase male potency:

  1. Cheese;
  2. Cottage cheese;
  3. Sour milk products – kefir, fermented milk, yogurt;
  4. Sour cream.

Seafood to increase potency:

  1. Liver of cod;
  2. Salmon;
  3. Flounder;
  4. Shrimp;
  5. Oysters;
  6. Mussels;
  7. Sea kale;
  8. Crustaceans.

Proper nutrition benefits the blood circulation, the nervous system, the work of the endocrine glands, promotes the production of a male hormone – testosterone. All these positive improve the erectile function: sexual desire increases, erection becomes stronger, the sexual act lasts longer. Due to the fact that the body will receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals, potency will become better after a short time.

Know you know what products increase potency and can not only eat properly and nutritionally, but also cook a variety of dishes, combining meat with fruits, fish with vegetables and spices, seafood with greens. The diet should become rich, diverse, and beneficial to the body and potency.

Foods that kill potency

There are a number of foods that cause severe damage to the male sexual system. These foods should be completely excluded from the diet or taken occasionally, in limited quantities.

If the patient to regain sexual abilities and prevent impotence, he should give up eating:

  • sausages, smoking and pickles, canned products. Artificially processed food contains the maximum concentration of salt, dyes and preservatives, which increase blood pressure and suppress the activity of the reproductive system;
  • white bread and sweet bakery products. Baking flavored with yeast and sugar causes digestive tract disorders, violates internal microflora and slows down metabolism. Blood raises the level of sugar and cholesterol, blood vessels are clogged with plaques and blood flow slows down, causing inferior work of the male sexual organ;
  • carbonated, energy and alcoholic beverages. Excessive amounts of sugar and caffeine disrupt the heart and vessels, cause excess weight and diabetes. Alcohol causes alcohol dependence, disrupts the work of all internal organs, causes a complete loss of potency and erectile dysfunction;
  • butter and fatty dairy products. Calorie products with a high content of fat violate blood circulation and weaken erection.

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