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Erectile Dysfunction and Obesity

Erectile Dysfunction and Obesity

American scientists in their studies have shown that people with obesity have problems with erection 25 times more often than people who have normal weight. Fatty men and women complain of lack of sexual desire and have difficulty in having sex. Many simply prefer temperance.

Low self-esteem, being psychological problem of obese people, also contributes to occurrence of sexual problems.

The society is perfectly aware of the fact that fatty people have a risk of developing:

  • diabetes;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • hypertension.

However, connection of sexual disorders with obesity is rarely mentioned.

Beer lovers who have a beer belly, are at great risk that they will have erectile dysfunction: obesity causes sharp disruption of hormonal balance and problems with erection. The level of male sex hormones is clearly insufficient to obtain and maintain normal erection. That’s why erectile dysfunction is one of the greatest problems of people with overweight.

What is the Link Between Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction?

The main factor that causes accumulation of excess weight is energy imbalance, consisting in fact that energy inputs to body and their expenses do not correspond to each other. Overeating is the most common cause of obesity, and obesity can also occur as a result of metabolic disorders. The following factors play important role in combination “erectile dysfunction + obesity”:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • reduced physical activity;
  • age;
  • sex;
  • professional factors.

Regardless of obesity forms and stage of its development, endocrine system violations of various degrees are always observed, as a result of which there are changes in production of not only sex hormones, but also other hormones, and erectile dysfunction develops. Also, there is evidence that obese men are more likely to “gain” prostate cancer.

What is Obesity?

Changes in appearance and physical condition of people with overweight cause number of personal problems. Reduced sexual activity is significantly more associated not with the loss of sexual desires, but with their psychoemotional state.

Medicine has proved that for burning extra pounds and returning to a normal psychological state, it is necessary to actively continue sexual life. Active sexual life is not only additional physical activity, it is also emotional state improvement and hormonal balance normalization. Testosterone level in man rises depending on frequency of ejaculation.

Extra kilograms lead to significant decrease in sperm quality and quantity, sometimes keeping the possibility to become infertile that is why any violations of male reproductive system with obesity should serve as the first symptom with having which it is necessary to consult urologist, andrologist and make spermogram.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Obese Men

In obese men, erectile dysfunction treatment, in addition to treatment of urological problems and normalization of erection, should be directed not only to impotence treatment, but also to weight loss therapy.

Erectile dysfunction in presence of obesity, diabetes and hypertension is known as metabolic syndrome, in which its course deteriorates dramatically and acute.

Impotence and obesity treatment by urologist and andrologist should be carried out in parallel, because both conditions cause depression in patient and only contribute to poor treatment prognosis.

It is almost impossible to reduce weight by means of diets alone, since for men, food is of far greater social importance than for women. Therefore, erectile dysfunction in obese men requires use of complex weight loss methods.

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