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Erectile Dysfunction and Obesity

American scientists in their studies have shown that people with obesity have problems with erection 25 times more often than people who have normal weight. Fatty men and women complain of lack of sexual desire and have difficulty in having sex. Many simply prefer temperance. Low self-esteem, being psychological problem of obese people, also contributes to occurrence of sexual problems. The society is perfectly aware of the fact that fatty people have a risk of developing: diabetes; cardiovascular diseases; hypertension….

Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra

What are the main differences between Cialis, Levitra and Viagra? These questions often interest our customers, and now we will tell you in detail about all the advantages and disadvantages of these drugs. How Do These Drugs Work? People should understand that these drugs are not aphrodisiacs and do not cause sexual attraction! They provide an erection only if you are already sexually excited because the action of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra provides only blood supply to penis but does…

Generic Levitra: An Amazing Pill

Levitra (vardenafil) is the latest scientific development for successful treatment of such a disease as erectile dysfunction. Creating this means, pharmacists took into account shortcomings of other drugs with similar effect, and as a result received tablets that very effectively solve problems with male erectile function. Nowadays, this drug is considered more potent than the famous Viagra. Features of the drug The main distinguishing feature of Levitra is onset of effect – vardenafil gives the desired effect in 20-25 minutes…

Is It Dangerous to Take Viagra?

This patented agent is the first in treatment of erectile dysfunction. Internationally, the drug is called Sildenafil. But generic Viagra almost does not differ in its chemical composition from the original. The main active ingredient is sildenafil citrate. It is able to improve chemical processes in men which help achieve erection. The action is based on relaxing muscles of small pelvis and improving blood supply.

What Are Generic Drugs?

A generic drug is the reproduction of the original drug, the active substance of which has expired the term of patent protection. To use them for sale, it is necessary to confirm that generics effectiveness is equal to original drug effectiveness. It takes several years to create an original medication and this requires a lot of money, therefore the price of originals is high (it is necessary to recoup the money spent). But eventually patent term for their production ends,…

What is the Most Popular ED Drug in US?

Since 1998, Viagra (sildenafil) has become one of the most famous brands in the world, just like Coca-Cola and Rolls Royce. But now, Cialis (tadalafil) is the most popular ED drug in the USA. Why do men prefer Cialis? More and more men prefer tadalafil to other ED drugs. We found 12 studies in which men tried both Viagra and Cialis and then reported which drug is the best. As a result, all 12 men chose the second medicine. In…

Antidepressants: Types, Uses, Mechanism of Action

If you are wondering what to choose when you buy antidepressants online, the advice is simple: you always need to go for the one that will work best for you. There are a few different kinds of antidepressants working in a slightly different way for the patient and causing a different response. Our brain is a complex system that contains around 10 billion cells, each one with over 25 thousand connections to other cells for passing messages. Depression is often…

Can You Combine Different Types of ED Drugs?

Cialis, Levitra, Viagra are very popular and effective medicines for erectile dysfunction. They belong to the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Any of these drugs can be taken (regardless of dosage) no more than once within 24 hours. Before you start taking any of these medications, you should consult your doctor and read the instructions for use carefully. Many men want to intensify the effect of ED drugs and frequently ask the question “Can I combine different types of…

What’s The Best Dosage Of Cialis?

The dosage of Cialis depends on the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and the severity of the disorder. This remedy is very effective for any erectile violations, it is used even for the treatment of severe impotence. These tablets belong to the class of phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme inhibitors and help men live a normal sex life.

Best Antidepressants & How To Choose Them

Before discussing medications, it is important to remember that each depression is individual, just as not all medications affect people in the same way. It is also important to emphasize that medicines should never be taken alone. Antidepressants can cause physical and psychological dependence. If you take medications for depression without consulting a doctor, you may lose the ability to cope with the disease without medications. Then, if you stop taking the drug or it loses its effectiveness (some medications…